Doggie Boat Ladder


Pawz Pet Products Doggie Boat Ladder is great for every boating day. Quick install and setup allows for hours of fun in the sun. The Doggie Boat Ladder folds in half for easy storage and is lightweight and durable. With a quick rinse after use in salt water, your ladder will last for years.


  • Attaches to a boat ladder 14" or less

  • Extension bar sold separately for ladders wider than 14"

  • Quick and easy setup and install

  • Great for any size dog

  • Slip-resistant steps

Doggie Boat Ladder Extensions

Your boat ladder must be less than 14" (35cm) wide for proper doggy boat ladder attachment. If your boat ladder is wider than this, you need this "extension" support piece.

  • The doggy boat ladder extra-wide extension is designed to assist with attaching your PawZ Pet Doggy Boat Ladder to a 15"-21" wide boat ladder

  • The extension connects directly to your PawZ Pet Doggy Boat Ladder

  • Includes: (2) blue extension pieces, (2) silver nuts, (2) silver bolts